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Born with cerebral palsy, I have a severe lack of hand coordination and I also have tremors.

Until 20 years ago, I had never really used a camera because all the pictures that I took were extremely blurry. I was proficient with Photoshop which I had learned while doing my Master's degree in communications.  I really enjoyed doodling with photoshop which I used primarily to restore and enhance old pictures. It gave me great joy and satisfaction.

Eventually, though, I grew tired of retouching other people's pictures and wished I would do something more personal. I started experimenting with a manual camera, and by adjusting a functionality called "shutter speed", I was able to reduce the blurriness that my tremors were causing.

I then would use Photoshop to further reduce the blur of my pictures and to straighten them as the position of the camera was often slanted.

However, I think that what gives me the greatest pleasure, is modifying the colors of these pictures particularly boosting their saturation to enhance their liveliness.

May you enjoy looking at them as much as I did working on them.  Thank you


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